Never a dull moment on Porter Drive...

A construction crew while doing work outside a building at 3145 Porter Drive were surprised to unearth an apparent decades-old grenade yesterday afternoon. 

On Monday, November 30, 2015 at about 1:30 p.m., a construction crew unearthed an apparent decades-old grenade while doing drainage work outside our Stanford office building at 3145 Porter Drive. Police were summoned to the scene, and personnel from the Palo Alto Fire Department responded and evacuated one building within the 3145 Porter Drive complex assisted by Porter Facilities Staff, as a precaution.  Employees within other buildings in the complex were asked to shelter in place. Employees at nearby 3155 Porter Drive were asked to remain indoors.

Emergency personnel secured the area and called the Bomb Squad for assistance.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad responded, examined the device, and determined that it was an old fragmentation grenade that was extremely decomposed.  Bomb Squad personnel conducted a single controlled detonation of the grenade to render it safe at about 5:30 p.m. Click for News Video

No one was injured.  Upon examining the remains of the device, they determined that it had been inert fragmentation grenade, and had not contained any explosive material.

The discovery of such a device is not unheard of in the local area, which once hosted a World War I-era military training base.

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Officers had the 3100 block of Porter Drive closed to all traffic for approximately four hours.


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